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wednesday 8am – EVENING

thursday  8am – NIGHT

friday  8am – NIGHT

saturday  9am – NIGHT

sunday  9am – 5pm




A good cup of coffee to start the day off on the right foot. 

What is a COFFEE BAR? Le Café de la Gare seeks to offer you a different experience with coffee than conventional chains would offer you focusing more on the organic properties at consumption through origin, preparation methods and roasts.  We offer an exploratory coffee menu with diverse origins and diverse roasts, organic and fair trade certified when possible, all available by manual pour in the lounge area. Furthermore, we are working on being able to offer different preparation methods; French, Italian, Turkish traditional preparation, and Vietnamese Pho coffees. While these options are great for those who have time to lounge, we also offer on the go specialty lattes.  Come in without fear, we also have quick filtered coffee always ready to go. 


Mixology is an art. 

We do not have the pretentiousness of  calling ourselves cocktail masters, but we have created a very personalized menu giving your classics a “de la Gare” twist. Seasonal fruits and citruses are prevalent. Each cocktail (& mocktail!) is served in its  unique way to match the alcohol’s flavour to the ornamentation that comes with a good drink. A good drink starts with a glass full of ice and ends with the proper decoration. To be noted that we have a full bar service, a wine selection, as well as draft, bottled and canned beer and ciders. 

(To the right is our “Soleil de Lisbonne Givré” mocktail) 


Perfect for lazy mornings. 

“Do you serve breakfast?” You asked, we created! Our brunch menu was developed over several weeks, testing new options each Saturday and Sunday. We are proposing a non-traditional bistro menu, like a morning casserole, a breakfast plate with homemade creton (thank you grandma Huguette!), a sunny-side up egg on a bed of prosciutto and chives, French toast (made with banana bread) served with condensed milk, mint, and maple syrup…this just to name a few coveted options. Note that we offer the vegan alternative for the casserole and breakfast plate. 

(To the left is our casserole)


The essence of a bistro.

Our menu is perfect for sharing with friends, colleagues or family members. It’s a no fuss and some frills menu with quick options like sandwiches, salads and soups of the moment, but also with easy to share tapas and platters, as well as classic dishes elaborated from family recipes: artisan pizza (uncle André’s sauce!), tartars, and mixed bowls. We also offer a weekly blackboard menu for variety and freshness, required of certain plates.


Always better when homemade. 

Our desserts and treats is constantly evolving. Certain recipes are longer to achieve visual satisfaction than others. Our fruit tarts quickly became a signature sweet (thank you to Denis Jeannot for his French touch!). All our sweets are homemade. Watch out for grandma Rolande’s infamous rum balls and our family’s secret treat recipe from Lac Saint-Jean.


We believe eco-responsibility is everybody's business. That's why CAFÉ DE LA GARE ROSEMÈRE has taken steps to recycle, compost, and reduce its ecological footprint. Our take-out packaging is 100% compostable, from the soya-ink stickers to to the cups and wooden utensils. We're not perfect , but we're constantly seeking new eco solutions.

Food Diversity

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Lactose-or gluten-intolerant? Do you follow a keto diet? We have options that cater to a growing need for food diversity. Our goal was to create an environment for a cross-generational and cross-food-cultural meet-up.

our values

ethics of a good bistro

We believe our customers should enjoy their food and drinks without having to worry about the provenance and content. Our food is garden fresh and homemade. We can detail how each plate and treat is made and where the ingredients come from. We also partner with collaborators like Barista Coffee and Camelia Sinensis that work with same social values as us.

Local Business

We <3 to support local products and local businesses. Our boutique section will have for purpose of promoting independent local products related to the coffeeshop. Our menu is constantly evolving in this direction as well. We currently hold among many homemade products within our café, products from Boucanerie Belle Rivière and Dolce Piu.