Our address
Train Station, St-Jerome line
287 chemin de la Grande-Côte,
Rosemere, Québec,
J7A 4T9

Reach us

Phone: (450) 433-2744
[email protected]

To do business with us: [email protected]

For events: 

[email protected]


The pandemic has exacerbated certain issues in the food servicing industry notably on the supply chain, personnel, as well as the general inflation. We have a young team of dynamic individuals, many for whom are working for the first time in the restaurant industry, slowly learning he ropes. Please be understanding and allow this new generation to learn on the job. You can find most of them with t-shirts written "FORMATION". Because of this particular dynamic and conditioning, we evaluate the timeframe between our server taking your order and your physical reception of the plate to be around 30 to 40 minutes. During a very busy night in the summer, it is not uncommon to wait 45 mins. If you are pressed with time, you must advise your server so they can help you pick the fastest options on the menu. We hope this invaluable piece of information can help us all avoid an uncomfortable situation upon a visit.

We are working hard to avoid running out of products, but unfortunately many of our suppliers, particularly wine, liquor & beer, are suffering from backorders. We try to replace missing products with equivalents, but just be weary that it may be possible that items on our list are not available.

Why have our prices gone up?

Nous devons presentement composer avec une augmentation fulgurante de plusieurs aliments. Nous nous engageons a diminuer nos prix lorqu’il sera possible de le faire. 

Thank you,

Audrey, Linda et Michel