COVID-19 Policy

We find it essential to be as transparent as possible to make you and our staff feel comfortable and safe when entering our doors. We’re opening our doors in the hopes of offering a small bit of normalcy. After all, the Café de la Gare is much more than just a bistro or coffeeshop, but also a community space where many of you come through the doors in the morning or evening, on your way to work or when returning to the comfort of home. We will continue to be that welcoming space, whether your workplace is now in the boughs of home on a laptop or whether it’s back in the city.


We ask that when you come for a visit that you please remain two meters away from other customers. We will have hand sanitizer ready for you to use at the door, and ask all our customers to please use it upon entry. Do not be offended, we will be asking you if you have symptoms or if you’ve been in contact with someone who has symptoms- it’s a governmental requirement. Whether inside or out, we will ask you to wait for us to seat you and also ask you respect our seating arrangement, as the layout has been done to conform to the norms. We ask that no more than two customer groups wait in line at the cash and ask that you respect any instructions given by our staff. Everyone has been trained with the latest MAPAQ requirements, we’re mandated to make your visit a safe one. Unfortunately at this time, we can no longer accept reusable cups that you bring from home until further notice. 


Now that we’ve talked about what you need to do, let’s talk about what we’re doing. On our end, we’ll greet you with the same smile and courtesy, wearing masks and visors. We are washing our hands dutifully for more than 30 seconds after handling each order. Our Interac machine is wireless and will be put on a table for your use in front of our cash register. It will be washed between each use. For take-outs, we will deposit your bag of goodies on a table and ask you to retrieve it once deposited. You’ll notice that we are not 2 meters away from one another, which is why we are wearing masks and when serving, wearing visors; to protect each and everyone of us. In the kitchen, our staff  masks and visors as required by the MAPAQ. We will also be posting pictures of this on our social networks to give you a glimpse of how that works behind the scenes. Of course, we will handle the daily cleaning with extra care and will keep a log to ensure cleaning the doors and other hot spots is done regularly.  

While we know that this is not the typical greeting you would expect in a coffeeshop (it’s a buzzkill–we know!), we hope that these steps along with collective efforts will allow us to avoid a second wave come fall time to allow for an eventual restoration to normal in a near future. 

We thank you for your collaboration.